Artcurial - "De Crecy - New York sur Loire" Auction catalog

Artcurial - "Decrecy - New York sur Loire" Catalogue de vente

«Artcurial - "De Crecy - New York sur Loire" Auction catalog»

Description : "New-York sur Loire is a city that has supported my work for years.
This imaginary city is the result of multiple inspirations, with a starting point; the pleasure of drawing, and in particular of drawing architecture, which is like a motif that can be extended to infinity, with structures and associations that are always renewable. "
-Nicolas de Crécy

This sales catalog was published on the occasion of the auction of November 15, 2013 at Artcurial, where
the original drawings by Nicolas de Crécy representing New York sur Loire have been put up for sale.

An architectural work that immerses you in the heart of New York sur Loire, combining strength of creativity and finesse of details,
a real feast for the eyes .. and the imagination!