Druillet - Flaubert - "Une rencontre" Book

24 x 30 cm 35,00€

« Druillet - Flaubert - "Une rencontre" Book »

Description : The book confronts Philippe Druillet, famous author of comics with the text that marked him and from which he drew a flamboyant trilogy, Salammbô, by Gustave Flaubert. Pharaonic project of the 80s that has not finished fascinating. Returning to this artistic adventure, to his relationship with Flaubert and to this incredible peplum that is Salammbô, the artist delivers an interview, accompanied by exclusive sketches from the period and photographs from the precious pocket book on which he carried out the work. cutting the original text. All accompanied by a preface highlighting the promiscuity between the writer and the designer and a note commenting on the cutting work. An exciting immersion in this crazy story of wars of another age.