Enki Bilal • "Hors jeu" Pigment print. Limited edition 30 copies

40x50 cm 300,00€

«Enki Bilal • "Hors jeu" Pigment print. Limited edition 30 copies»

Edition : Christian Collin éditions
Illustrateur : Enki BILAL
Description : It was in 075 that the governing bodies decided to remove the ball. From this moment, the penetration of the player himself in the cage counts for a goal ... The name "football" disappeared: it was no longer suitable for this new game ... I must be one of the last to remember ... Too bad ... It was a very beautiful sport ... A great classic of Enki Bilal and Patrick Cauvin, an unexpected point of view about football.

Pigment print produced in Franck Bordas Atelier
This technique allows you to perfectly respect the colors and texture of the original.