Franquin-Spirou & Fantasio- Fiat 500 Topolino 1937 266 copies

27 cm 699,00€

«Franquin-Spirou & Fantasio- Fiat 500 Topolino 1937 266 copies»

Illustrateur : FRANQUIN
Description : It is not the best known, but it is by far the most crisp of the vehicles that Spirou & Fantasio will use in their adventures ... the cult Fiat 500 Topolino from Mystery to the border.

Pre-published for the first time in the Journal de Spirou in 1950, Mystère à la Frontière was published in 1952, with three other adventures, in the album entitled "Black Hats".

Originally the little blue Topolino was Inspector Coutsan's car. It will be "borrowed" by the traffickers of hecoin, then recovered by Spirou and Fantasio for a memorable pursuit.

We selected the picture where Fantasio, bundled up in his duffle coat, standing on the passenger seat, sees the thugs and points to them. The dynamic of this original scene is reinforced by the presence of a traffic sign. The editor will also choose to include this strong image on the cover pages.

An undeniable retro charm for this seventh edition!