TARDI • Book "BD & Modernité" Collective of comic strip authors

19x25cm 18,00€

«TARDI • Book "BD & Modernité" Collective of comic strip authors»

Illustrateur : TARDI
Description : Released October 17, 2019
Comic (paperback)
Interviews of all the authors contained in the catalog with illustrations.
Jacob's, Franquin, Roba, Tibet, Mézières, Margerin, Loustal, Chaland, Swarte, Avril, Serge Clerc, Liberatore, Bilal, Schuiten, Tardi.
From October 12 to December 15, The Departmental Hotel of the Arts of Var will exhibit the boards of 16 designers around the concept of modernity. The exhibition will allow you to discover how the designers interpreted and projected their era through three themes: "1960, modernity", "1980, nostalgia and no future" and "2000, disillusionment".