Philippe Berthet



Born in France in 1956, Philippe Berthet spends his Baccalaureat at the French lycée in Brussels.
From 1974 to 1977, he attended the School of Graphic Arts of St Luke in section BD and participates in the "Ninth Dream," collective of student work such as Cossu, Andreas Foerster, Schuiten, Goffin, etc. ...
Meanwhile, he attended evening classes taught by Eddy Paape.
His first publications were in some Belgian
ephemeral newspapers like "Curiosity Magazine", "Ouch" and "Space".
In 1980, this was the real starting with the appearance in "Spirou", the "Couleur Café", the first long narrative scripted by Antoine Andrieu.
In 1981, in tandem with Cossu, he signed the first episode of "Merchant of Ideas' pre published in" Circus ", four albums in this series will be published by Editions Glénat.
In 1983, the "Private Hollywood," written by Riviere and Bocquet, appeared in the Journal de Spirou (new formula). Three albums in this series will be published: The Private Hollywood, Amerika, and Backfire.
Follow other albums made ​​with various writers (Andreas Foerster, David)
With those "One Shot" Dupuis decide to create, in 1985, the collection "Berthet" (seven titles to date).
In 1990, he met Tome mark a turning point in his career. Together they perform "The Way of Selma", a noir thriller that appears in the collection "Aire Libre" in 1991.
With this experience, it passes through a further step, the full copyright by signing his first solo album: "Halona" also published in the collection "Aire Libre" in September 1993.

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