Fourth in a family of six children, Milo Manara was born September 12, 1945 in Luzon, the small Italian town of Bolzano near the Austrian border. Attracted by drawing (he illustrated his childhood in The Iliad and The Odyssey), he discovered comics in contact with the Spanish sculptor Berrocal which he is the assistant.
His first planks professional-erotic-stories date from 1968, when they allow him to finance his studies in architecture in Venice. Therefore, he designed all at once political posters, children's stories and finally (in 1976) a first web personal, "The Monkey King", published in Italy by the magazine Linus.
He created in 1978 at the instigation of the French monthly (to follow), the character of Giuseppe Bergman, whose adventures will be published in album by Casterman from 1980. His talent for drawing the erotic leads also to be published in 1983, Albin Michel, an erotic series of albums (The Spark, The Scent of Hidden among the best known)
In 1987, Hugo Pratt became his scriptwriter for "An Indian Summer", they experience rééditeront seven years later with "El Gaucho". Meanwhile, the work of Federico Fellini, another "master of adventure" by Milo Manara, inspired another collaboration, with the visualization of "Trip to Tulum" (1990), which will continue in 1996 with "The journey G. Mastorna ".
Manara has also, in thirty-year career, done extensive work in the fields of displays, decoration, advertising and broadcasting.
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