The designer Jean Giraud takes the pseudonym Moebius when he began drawing from science fiction. It debuted at the newspaper 'Driver' for which he created with Jean-Michel Charlier series of the now famous 'Blueberry'. It was not until 1963 that he adopted his new name. He draws in 'The echo of savannas', then 'Metal Hurlant', where his comics seem most significant. His realistic and accurate line does not stifle his creativity and he gives free rein to his most audacious visions. His meeting with Alexandro Jodorowsky gives up his career, and together they invent the series 'The Incal' which quickly became a reference. Moebius Jodorowsky also introduces the world of cinema. He works for costumes and storyboards from'' Alien, Ridley Scott, then 'Willow' and 'Abyss'. He is also working with French: Luc Besson, for 'The Fifth Element' and Kounen in adapting 'Blueberry'. In 2010, the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art had devoted a great retrospective, 'Moebius Trance-form'. Two years later, Jean Giraud dies from a long illness.
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