Zep - Titeuf


Zep was born in Switzerland in 1967. It is part of the Decorative Arts of Geneva where he graduated. He publishes in the press "Victor" and was noticed by "Le Journal de Spirou". After a few albums in 1992, it gives birth to "Titeuf" by chance, on a sketch book, as he draws childhood memories. The first plank is published in a fanzine and on his reading of Jean-Claude Camano Glénat asked him to edit it. This is the beginning of the great adventure of Titeuf. Success is growing rapidly and becoming a true phenomenon of the publishing world. More than 12 million albums "Titeuf" were sold, and it is translated in over 20 countries including China. In May 2000, Titeuf appeared in the novels Library Rose Hachette Jeunesse. In 2001, appeared "The Guide dick sex" for children co-written with Helen Bruller. Both write "The Minijusticiers" Hachette Jeunesse in 2003. Zep has also shown the same year an educational booklet for Handicap International and produced a book of 68 pages for the album "Songs for the feet" of Jean-Jacques Goldman. Zep recently collaborated on "Sol En Si" by making the cover of the booklet and illustrations from the album "Sol En Cirque '. In January 2004 he received the Grand Prize of the City of Angouleme the reward for his entire career. He was President of the Angoulême Festival 2005. (source Glénat)
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