Born December 4, 1951, Régis Loisel made his first drawings for the log Stooges in 1970, he worked for Pilot, Pif, Mormoil, Fluid Glacial, Metal Huralant before founding, with Taffin and Loro, Bourin Cough in September 1975 when he published The Night album released in Kesselring in 1978. After the disappearance of the ephemeral Cough Bourin, Loisel runs various illustrations for Absolute Plus, Club, etc. ... He founded in 1977 to Plop, The Curious Adventure of the Lizard Norbert, illustrates several storybooks published by the School of Leisure and collaborates with Charlie Monthly from the first issue in April 1982 with Quest for the bird time from a screenplay by Serge Le Tendre. Loisel, a nervous stroke, creates fascinating characters, spectacular settings specific to dream, a completely new universe. The Quest has become one of the greatest designers of the new generation to a wide audience. The success of this saga of heroic fantasy Loisel made a revelation of the 1980s. In November 1989, he published the Humanoids Disorders holidays. In 1990, Loisel starts, solo, an original interpretation of the character of the English writer JM Barrie, Peter Pan. Six volumes of this series, now complete, appear to West Wind editions until 2004. In 1993, he created with writer Georges-Philippe Taladiart erotic album The Last Drop, published by Siren. After eleven years of interruption, leaves the second round of the Quest of the bird of time, L'Ami Javin, he realizes with Serge Le Tendre and Lidwine in 1998. In parallel, he began writing screenplays, leaving to others the task of the authors draw: as the album Pyrenees, imaged by Philippe Sternis in 1998, the series (as co-writer) The Farfelingues with Pierre Guilmard between 2001 and 2004, and a siren for Fanfreluches by Christin Oudot Vents d'Ouest in 2001. He also produced collaborations with other authors, like the lizard Norbert, Patrick Cothias scripted in 2000, and the collective album Mali-mash, book a trip to Mali, the same year. Loisel also had the opportunity to realize her childhood dream and work for Disney animation studios. He participated in the film Mulan and Atlantis: The Lost Empire, released in 1998 and 2001 respectively. In parallel, he worked on the storyboard of the French film Le Petit Poucet, directed by Olivier Dahan in 2001, while designing the same year a video game named Gift. The work of Loisel was awarded the Grand Prix of the festival of Angoulême in 2002 and has been made President of the festival the following year. More recently he has designed the fantasy series The Great Death with the help of writer and artist Vincent Djian Mallié, output between 2007 and 2008 Editions Vents d'Ouest. In association with Jean-Louis Tripp, Loisel worked on General Store, a series of six volumes published by Casterman, whose framework a village in rural Quebec in the early 20s. And finally, in 2007 and 2010, he wrote the scenario of two New Adventures of Quest for the bird of time, with Serge Le Tendre and imaged by Mohamed Aouamri then Mallié Vincent. Régis Loisel currently lives in Montreal, Canada.