Pratt - Corto Maltèse

Pratt - Corto Maltese


Born in Rimini June 15, 1927, died in Lausanne on 20 August 1995.
Do we still present Hugo Pratt, whose stature is such today that the man and the author already belong to the contemporary mythology? How to summarize sixty years of wanderings which led the little Venetian on all continents, through all the ups and downs in our history? How to evoke a half-century of frenzied creativity, inexhaustible for a work? A date still deserves to be remembered: 1967, year of publication of The Ballad of the Salt Sea, which saw the birth of one who will become, in turn, a legendary hero: Corto Maltese. Eleven albums of the adventures of "gentleman of fortune" have since emerged. Tireless Pratt created, ten years ago, the series "Cato Zulu", while writing a script for the first Manara, A Indian summer, which will be followed by a second collaboration: El Gaucho. In April 1995, Hugo Pratt gave us an exciting Saint-Exupery. He died in August 1995, reaching now the only country of dreams.
(Source Casterman)
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