Yves Chaland is a writer and cartoonist French, born April 3, 1957, died July 18, 1990 in a car accident. Ted Benoit, Serge Clerc and Floc'h, he revived in the 1980s, Ligne Claire style in France.
Yves Chaland boards published his first work at 17 years in the fanzine Biblipop. He then studied at the Beaux-Arts de Saint-Etienne, where, with Luc Cornillon, he created his own fanzine, L'Unité de Valeur in 1976.
In 1978, noticed by Jean-Pierre Dionnet,
Yves Chaland works to Metal Hurlant and Ah Nana (the No. 9 contains the famous board including A Matter of Heart). These parodies comics of the 1950s will be reunited in 1979 in Album Captivating (performed together with Luc Cornillon). He eventually creates Bob Fish (1981), Adolphus Claar (1983) and Freddy Lombard, whose adventures will be published in Metal Hurlant Adventure. In 1980, he created eight boards on the exemplary life of Jijé in Metal Hurlant 64.
In 1982, he began the adventures of Albert the Young, liviing in the Marolles in Brussels, as deceitful as bad. 
Yves Chaland is then tipped to take over the adventures of Spirou and Fantasio, in a style similar to that of Jijé when drawing this character itself. It also notes the influence of Franquin in its infancy. The story, which appears as two weekly strips, was abandoned after a few plates (48 strips in all). It will be published later under the title Hearts of steel, with characters with faces covered in bandages because of the ban by Editions Dupuis to use the hero Spirou ...
He also works at Bayard Presse (Astrapi, Grain de Soleil), Magic Strip, Telerama, Reader's Digest, Best and many other magazines.
His style has earned him to be one of the darlings of the advertising world, seduced by the clarity and "modernity" of his stroke. So he signed in 1987, the album art Planet Chic, the group "the Affaire Louis 'Trio'.
Resin statues, posters and silkscreen a left traces of his work.