Morris - Lucky Luke


Morris was born on 01/12/23 in Kortrijk (Belgium) and died on 7/16/01.
After learning the art of animation through correspondence, through the course of Jean Image, Maurice de Bevere, who later adopted the pseudonym of Morris, enter at the age of 20 years in ABC, a Belgian design studio animated. He holds the office of ink. At the studio closed, he joined Franquin and Will in Jijé. This group of illustrators is quickly dubbed the Gang of Four. Morris starts in 1945 in illustration and has a large number of drawings and covers for the Mosquito and Het Laatste Nieuws. The following year, he created the character of Lucky Luke. The first adventure of the famous lone cowboy, "Arizona 1880", appears late in the Almanach Spirou 1946, 1947, after which began "Gold Mine Dig Digger", proposed in the weekly magazine Spirou from 1947 . While continuing to Lucky Luke for Dupuis editions, the series is also taken into albums from 1949, Morris moved to the United States. There he met Jack Davis and Harvey Kurtzman and witness the birth of MAD magazine in 1950. Besides these two artists, he met René Goscinny, be added as writer on his return to Europe in 1955. Their collaboration began in August 1955 in Spirou, with Rails on the Prairie, and continued until 1977, when the death of Goscinny.
Meanwhile, Morris teamed up with Peter and realizes Vankeer The Chronicle of the 9th Art, from 1964 to 1967, and some short stories, also published in Spirou. In 1968, Lucky Luke continues in Pilote, in the short-lived monthly Lucky Luke (March 1974-February 1975), then in the mainstream press.
On the death of Goscinny, he collaborated with various writers: Vicq, Bob de Groot, Xavier Fauche, Jean Léturgie, Hartog van Banda, Guy Vidal ... and several assistants: January Michel, Frederic Garcia ...
In 1983, Lucky Luke decided to stop smoking, and April 7, 1988, in Geneva, Morris was awarded by WHO (The World Health Organization) as part of World No Smoking for showing a good example.
Starting in 1987, and parallel to the adventures of Lucky Luke, he began the series Rantanplan. In late 1990, he left the Dargaud and founded his own publishing structure, called Lucky Productions.
Exceptional tribute: June 27, 1992, the Academy awarded him the Grand Prix Grand Prix Special 20th Anniversary International Exhibition of Comics of Angoulême, this is the unanimous recognition of the talent of Morris by his peers.
Noted finally that Lucky Luke, translated into over 30 languages, has an undeniable success so far with making Tintin and Asterix one of the greatest classics of comics in French.
Morris is one of the few authors whose work is entirely devoted to a single hero.
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