Born September 23, 1938, cartoon man whose work is fueled by science fiction, Jean-Claude Mezieres is one of the first of its kind to project his intrigues in a future world. Naturally good at drawing, he joined 15 years at the School of Applied Arts in Paris, where he learned to expand his talent. Between classes, he published some stories in Fripounet and Marisette well as driver. But the young Jean-Claude leaves caught up by his thirst to discover the world and leaves to become a horse breeder near Salt Lake City. There he joined his childhood friend Pierre Christin, who shares his passion for the stroke of a pen. Back in France in 1967, he joined the magazine Pilote and published the first adventure of Valerian, 'The Bad Dreams', for which he is the scenario in 2720. Warmly welcomed, the adventure continues in the futuristic universe with 'City of moving waters' and 'The Empire of a thousand planets', in which there is an encounter of the third kind. In 1987, again with Pierre Christin, he collaborated on a graphic novel about the great ports of Europe, 'Lady Polaris', then still published for the enjoyment of fans of a Valerian Atlas Cosmic' on 'Inhabitants of the sky' creatures has been devoted to meet his hero in all his adventures. In 1991 he starts a new series called 'Circles of power', then innovates again in 2002 with a moving album, 'Goodbye, American dream', in which he draws parallels between his passion for the American West, he experienced in his youth, and the collapse of Twin Towers. While continuing to pursue his favorite character, Jean-Claude Mezieres participates in various projects using his talents as an illustrator and designer.
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