Franquin, was born January 3, 1924 in Etterbeek (Belgium) and died January 5, 1997 in Saint-Laurent du Var (France).
He published his first drawings to eleven years in the Belgian daily newspaper La Nation. After training in the graphic section of the Ecole Saint-Luc in Brussels, he joined 20 years in the cartoon studios 'CBA'. There he met Peyo ('The Smurfs') and Morris ('Lucky Luke'). It is the latter which has Jijé, around which the entire team will meet after the studio closed, to found Le Beau Le Journal de Spirou. Jijé bequeaths gradually the character Spirou Franquin who introduced a series of characters of his own: the inhabitants of Champignac, Zorglub, and especially the Marsupilami. In 1955, he created 'Modeste et Pompon' series heralds of his anti-hero's most famous: Gaston Lagaffe. If he is willing mocking, Franquin demonstrated a more corrosive humor through its 'Ideas black'. His lively pen, its unique feature, Franquin impose as one of the leaders of the Belgian comic classic.

His work there remains a large number of posters, prints, but also statues resin or lead (Pixi), and his albums. Find them in the sub-categories of this page !