André Juillard was born in Paris, June 9, 1948. Very quickly, he discover a passion for drawing. Child, he devours the weekly Tintin. Reading of Hergé, Jacobs, Martin and Bob De Moor high time make him a specialist, still unconscious, of the clear line. The history textbook of the sixth grade will be his second big influence, especially the pages devoted to antiquity. He does not know it yet, but his passion for the clear line, the history and stories will make it a modern author never forgetting the lessons of the past. After obtaining his degree in 1967, he enter at the Arts Decoratifs in Paris, where he met Martin Veyron and Jean-Claude Denis. In 1974 he made his debut in Formula 1, with a western written by Claude Verrien. The latter he wrote The Adventures of chivalry Bohemond of Saint-Gilles. The amateurs guessed already great hope of comics realistic. In 1978, he designed The Cathars in Djinn before beginning a fruitful collaboration with Patrick Cothias publishing Masquerouge in Pif Gadget. In 1982, with the same writer, he published the first pages of Seven Lives of Sparrowhawk who do enter directly in the "classic contemporary comics." As Jacques Martin did in his time with Alix, Juillard creates a new piece of realistic historical comics. A real school is inspired, some talent, a lot of ersatz. He, humble, keeps walking. Like all great artists, he feels the wings, from time to time, write the story he will then pictures. Especially that sometimes he feels the need to escape history, his favorite mistress. For (FORWARD), he published the intimate Blue Book that earned him, in January 1995, the award for best album at the Angoulême Festival. The following year he received the Grand Prix of the same festival. The Seven Lives of the Hawk were completed after seven albums Glénat. The beautiful Arianne Troil lack of both its creators and the public. Need before: it will return in the series Feather Wind Dargaud. If the first cycle takes place in France, following (4 volumes) depicts an America that could have been French. The shadow of Blake and Mortimer is edging towards Juillard. In the late eighties, Blake and Mortimer editions the contact to complete the second volume of Professor Sato's Three Formulas. But he did not yet feel ready to face such a challenge. However, in 1998, he created Dargaud, with his old friend Didier Convard, the collection The last chapter, recounting the last adventure of the most famous heroes of the golden age of comics. An album will obviously reserved for Philip Francis Blake and Mortimer. The moment of truth comes when, in 2000, he designed, scripted by Yves Sente, The Machination Voronov. In 2003, the same team published the first volume of the diptych The Sarcophagi of the sixth continent, followed a year later of volume two. Juillard continues its momentum by performing in the same collection of Gondwana Sanctuary. Apart from his participation in the series Blake and Mortimer, he worked with many great writers such as Pierre Christin (Lena), or Yann (Mezek). As an illustrator, he is distinguished in particular by Editions Beaulet Maghen and also at Daniel, who published an autobiography in pictures, Intermission. His talents are celebrated during the festival BDFIL of Lausanne in 2008, where he is the guest of honor. Exposure 'Fates-Drawings "is also dedicated to his work.
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