ted benoit

Ted Benoit


Passionate about film noir, from America by Edward Hooper and clear line bomb, Ted Benoit is a discreet and manic. He was the only one who can draw an album of Blake and Mortimer without being servile while remaining humble. Born in 1947, Benoit Thierry, said Ted, took classes at the Institute for Advanced Film Studies. He squats film libraries to devour the American film noir of 40-50 years. Until 1971, there will be an assistant director on television. When "Current" welcomes her first stories in comics, Robert Crum is a drawing master. After several years of collaboration with the underground press ("Géranomymo"), Ted Benoit joined in 1975, "The Savannah Echo" that has created Nikita Mandryka. This first period of his career culminated in Hospital, an album drawing expressionist. On a cold prison, this story wins the prize for best screenplay at the Salon d'Angoulême in 1979. His style moved dramatically when he discovers Joost Swarte ("Modern Art"), the Dutch designer who has just submitted the Clear Line hergéenne honored. The tribute to Swarte is evident in the Bingo Bongo boards that publishes then "Heavy Metal". When, in 1981, it brings together short stories-little-Ligne Claire appeared in "Liberation" and "Heavy Metal", he chose a title in the form of a manifesto: Towards the Clear Line. Form unpolished, Ray Banana, his emblematic character, is already present. Ted Benoit appropriates the trappings of the aesthetics of Hergé to indulge in a happy working distance. In 1980 (To Follow) hosts The Electric Lullaby. With her looks of Clark Gable, Ray Banana is facing a strange sect. Throughout the 80 boards, Ted Benoit built a diverse and surreal universe. Near future and recent past merge in a city that owes much to Hollywood. Ted Benoit commits a crime against the bright line frames using gray and black shadows. Children sometimes need to know Hergé be disrespectful. In the wake of this legendary album (1982) seems Nonfiction, a collection of stories (scenario: Chéraqui) also published in (To Follow). In 1984, Ray Banana comeback with City Light. Novelty and tribute-wink, this second story is set in color by the Hergé Studios. It is fitting for a story set as the Alph Art, in the middle of the painting. The album released in 1986. Time for an album, Ted Benoit abandons the design and wrote the screenplay for The Man from nowhere to Pierre Nedja. This story reveals the life of Thelma Ritter, the housekeeper of Ray Banana. Pre-published in (A Track) album released in the story in 1989 (Casterman). Designer too meticulous to be productive in terms of comics, Ted Benoit focuses regularly on his second "career" in the illustration. Advertising and the press have made it one of their favorite artists. The skin of the leopard (1985) collects his best work. Do not forget the posters and portfolios that allow it to experiment with new techniques and unusual subject matters.