Born in Ixelles October 15, 1951, chose the pseudonym Mark Degroide Michetz to express his vision of Japanese civilization. Passionate about martial arts and practiced judo, kendo, iai then, and appears as himself in the series of gags of "Gang Mazda ', which evokes the Christian Darrasse studio he shared for a few years with Bernard Hislaire (his first for this fantasy writer, followed by Volume) and the robust Marc, still encumbered with a samurai sword. At first, the studio collaborates Michetz Graton and will be even caricatured by his employer in an episode of Michel Vaillant in 1975 ("San Francisco Circus"). In 1979 he developed his first lone warriors "Mutsuro" in Tintin and "Hito the Outcast" for SPACE. Success comes with the creation of "Kogaratsu" in Spirou in 1983, with scripts by Bosse, another passionate medieval Japan. Michetz published some years later in a remarkable portfolio Ansaldi on his country-inspired ("Japan") and begins with Yann in 1990 a historical series parallel Glénat, "Tako", the atmosphere much more intimate than passionate exploits Kogaratsu the faithful. Traveling a lot (guess where ...), this world of Japanese unconditional offer is a joyous recreation evoking "The rest of the Samurai", Yann on scenario, in the second volume of "Sales short stories" dedicated to the rejuvenation stories by Charles Perrault.

In this section, find his posters, silkscreen and prints.