Born May 28, 1959 in Baghdad (Iraq)
After several years in Lebanon, Charles Berberian follows, at the age of eighteen years, at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris where he met François April. His first cartoons were published in various fanzines where he developed a graphic style much influenced by Ralph Steadman.
In 1983 he met Philippe Dupuy, who, like him, working to PLG One of their first projects is a joint tribute to Hergé, in the fanzine Band'à Part No. 13 (1983). Their signatures (scenario and drawing) become inseparable - their first common histories are included in Heroes never die. In 1984 they made their entry in Fluid Glacial. They realize Red, Basil and Gege (album Seed thugs) and The Diary of Henriette, chronic bitter and tender a little shy teenager and complexed. In 1985, they design the little painter, a small work proposed in the collection "Atomium", editions of Magic-Strip. Two years later, they realize Chantal Thomas, a portfolio published by Michel Lagarde. They figuren t the summary Bookish and I are collaborating on several advertising campaigns (for Canal +, etc..). In 1990, they gave birth to Jean, in Yeti. They design in 1992 the iconography of environmental Guide published by the siren. The following year, in this same publisher, they illustrate all is not rosy, a book written by Anne Rozenblat (Berberian's wife). In 1994, they realize one of the masterpieces of their work: The Diary of an album (The Association) in 1996 and present their vision of New York (in New York books, Cornelius - follow Barcelona, ​​Lisbon, Tangier. ..). In 1999, Volume 4 of "adventures" of Jean gets the award for Best Album at the Angoulême Festival.
By their very elegant design, the particular tone of their stories, Charles Berberian and Philippe Dupuy were able to stage their very particular universe, which combines humor and seriousness.
In 2008, they obtained the Grand Prix of the City of Angoulême.

Philippe DUPUY
Born December 15, 1960 in Sainte-Adresse (France)
Philippe Dupuy in 1980 published his first comic, Father Caspar, in the short-lived magazine Ouch! Andre Leborgne (Distri B.D. editions). He then collaborated on several fanzines and met, in 1983, Charles Berberian. They decided to pool their talents and are first in PLGPPUR (The Longest Yard Treats). Their stories are always following co-signed (scenario and drawing). Note that these first stories have been a repeat, in January 1991, under the generic title Heroes Never Die (The association).
In 1984, they enter Fluid Glacial. They publish first Red, Basil and Gege (album Seed of thugs Audie Editions, 1987) and especially The Diary of Henriette, chronic bitter and tender of a complexed and shy teenager, faced with the stupidity of his parents . In 1985, they published The little painter, published by Magic-Strip. In 1987, they realize Chantal Thomas, a portfolio published by Michel Lagarde. They work in various media reviews juvenile, as I Bookish, Mikado, etc.. and designing advertising campaigns.
In 1990, they prépublient few planks of Mr. Jean in Yeti. This series is then included in the collections Humanoides Associés. In 1994, alongside the release of Volume 3 of this series, they publish in the newspaper The association of an album, biography, where two separate authors for their work once. In 1996, Cornelius New York book publishing, the result of their trips to the USA. In 1998, the boards of the Journal of Henriette made for the magazine I Bouquine are published by Les Humanoides Associés in a desire too. By their simple and effective graphic design and especially the unique tone of their stories, cleverly mixing humor and tenderness, Philippe Dupuy and Charles Berberian necessary gently among the great creators of French comics.
In 2003 they left to join Les Humanoides Associés Dupuis.
They returned home in 2007 for Glacial Fluid "Welcome to Boboland"

In this section, edition art posters, silkscreen prints and curiosities of the duo Dupuy-Berberian.