Bernard Hislaire was born in Brussels, Belgium, in 1957. He signed under his name and under the pseudo Yslaire.
Very young, Bernard Hislaire was introduced to comics and participates in the fanzine Robidule. He attended the arts section of the Institute St Luc in Brussels. By 1975, Hislaire began working for Le Journal de Spirou. he designed a'' carte blanche'' first'' and the'' Third Thief, a story in 16 pages. Among his collaborators, writer Raoul Cauvin or Brouyère, which he illustrates Coursensac including Playboy and the country of Tahétéhus. In 1978 he began his first series, very tender and bucolic: Tweaking and Violet. She appeared in Le Journal de Spirou. From 1980 to 1983, he wrote many humorous illustrations in La Libre Belgique and Trombone Illustrated, led by Franquin. Parallel, and later it develops graphic skins for Belgian Radio and Television of the French Community, the Brussels curtain or former Unpopular Theatre. In 1986 it radically changes the registry, graphics and author's name; it takes to Yslaire pseudonym. Accompanied by Balak (aka Yann), it creates Sambre, romantic and baroque fresco, in Circus. Hailed by critics and audiences as one of the major works of the 80s, this saga is proposed Glénat. In 1987, again for Spirou, Yslaire written scenarios Mazda Gang, a comedy series designed by Christian Darasse. One of the gang members he looks suspiciously like ... In 1997. Open Memory of the twentieth Heaven, a website co-directed as the Yslaire, with the analyst Laurence Erlich. By January 99 the first album of the series of the same name published by Delcourt. In January 2000, the same album is published, completely reworked, with a brand new layout and new texts, by the Humanoides Associés, as the XXeciel.com. The first volume: Memoirs 98. The second book in the series was released in May 2000, and announced following the saga of the Sambre.
In 2009, Yslaire and Nicolas de Crécy, Marc-Antoine Mathieu, Eric Liberge, and Hirohiko Araki are invited to produce albums featuring the Louvre. On this occasion they exhibit their work at an exhibition called The Louvre invites the comics. This year sees himself Yslaire name Knight of Arts and Letters.

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