Floc'h, born in 1953, is a major artist in illustration and comics. It is one of the main proponents of the clear line alongside Yves Chaland, Ted Benoit, Joost Swarte. After a brief stint at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs in Paris, he devoted himself to the illustration of press and publishing.
In 1977 he published his first comic book The appointment of Sevenoaks in collaboration with François Rivière. Follow in this series called Albany & Sturgess three other books: The Case of Harding (1979), In Search of Sir Malcolm (1985) and Olivia Sturgess 1914-2004 (2005). Murder and a fantasy in miniature and in 1994 a book of Chronicles Oliver Alban (2006). The duo also performs the series including Blitz Blitz (1981), Underground (1996) and Blackout (2009) coming out in full in 2011.
Meanwhile, Floc'h realizes another comic with Jean-Luc Fromental come in threes (1991) and is the author of illustrated books Life (1985), High Life (with Fromental, 1986), My Life (1985), My Life 2 (1997), I remember (1987), A Face in the Crowd (1985), Exhibition (1998), Diary of a New Yorker (With Michel Jourde, 1994), A life of dreams (2007), Male Britannia (2009), London Euphoria (2010), Regency Utopia (2010) and An exemplary life (2011).
Much more than designer illustrator / cartoonist, Floc'h puts both his talents to film (posters and generic Alain Resnais, Woody Allen, Mike Leigh ...) that the advertising and illustration for the press (The New Yorker, Le Monde, Mr., Reading, World of Interiors ...). The best of this work is collected in A Face in the Crowd (1985), illustrator Floc'h (2000) and illustrator Floc'h 2 (2005).
In 2012, he published a graphic novel Moorish Villa, a biography of the writer Somerset Maugham, with François Rivière and participate in a documentary on the life of one of the speakers of Free France in the BBC Big Little Bauer. Find its sleek graphics, environments distinguished cultured and in which characters move to the charm and British elegance give his work a distinctive style, in this section with posters, serigraphs and limited editions.
(Source Dargaud)