Blutch was born in Strasbourg on December 27, 1967. After the Decorative Arts, he started in Fluide Glacial with the firm intention of not stopping there. He slides his first sins of youth into Fluide Glacial, and makes his debut with Waldo's Bar and Blotch. At the same time, he multiplies narrative experiences at the Association and at Cornelius. With Peplum, Blutch tries out the very free adaptation of the Satiricon of Petronius, an ancient masterpiece of homosexual literature. This album marks a real turning point in Blutch's journey as his truly expressionist style sticks to the sometimes disturbing realism of our contemporary societies. In Modern Speed, he approaches in a semi-dreamlike form the fantasies of his fellows with a touch of cynicism. His corrosive humor, worked at the Audie publishing school, perfectly matches that of the dufists Sfar / Trondheim, writers of the series-river Donjon. With My son the killer, Blutch signs an album like cafes of his first drawings: black, tight and sprinkled with a zest of sweet madness!