Uderzo - Asterix and Obelix


Albert Uderzo was born April 25, 1927.
His vocation for drawing expresses in kindergarten, with an illustration of the fable strongly noticed "the wolf, the goat and kid" ...
In 1945, responding to an ad for Editions du Chêne organizing a cartoon contest, he invented Clopinard, one-legged old grumbler who owes his longevity to the massive absorption of gunpowder - a kind of magic potion, after all .. . Hired as a "tweener" in an animation studio, it includes fast enough that the design chain - it is paid by the piece - is not his vocation.
In 1946, he created Arys Buck, Prince Rollin and Belloy in the new "OK magazine". Arys Buck is a very handsome prince loudly, Uderzo who invents already an alter-ego small and ugly, wearing a big nose and a winged helmet ...
Committed to the Word Press in Brussels, he met and Hubinon Charlier, with which he resumed his Belloy abandoned since 1948. He will meet Goscinny: and will begin timidly to both sides, a deep friendship. Working together under the heading "Good manners" Good Evening, then they create Jehan gun and Luc Junior for "La ibre Junior" Sunday supplement of "La Libre Belgique".
In 1951, they give birth to Oumpah-pah, in general indifference: the band will come out in 1958 in "Tintin".
In 1959, Uderzo and Goscinny create
Asterix to the output of Pilote magazine. On the first sketches, Asterix is ​​a valiant warrior powerful torso, but it turns immediately into a kind of grumpy and grinning dwarf. Obelix, he will have his waist to round over the years ... From that moment, Uderzo worked at alarming rate of five boards per week: three for Driver (Tanguy and Asterix), two for Tintin (Oumpah-pah). Hence, sometimes, some problems with cramps ... Later, overwhelmed by the success of Asterix, he abandoned Tanguy to Jijé.
In 1974, Dargaud, Goscinny and Uderzo created the Idefix Studios.
On the death of Goscinny in 1977, Uderzo is found again lonely and sad at his drawing board. But he decided to continue the great adventure of Asterix and created in 1979 editions "Albert René." He writes and draws itself each new album, taking about three months for the screenplay and dialogues and six months for drawing.
Since the birth of Asterix, the 30 titles distributed 250 million copies worldwide, Uderzo has produced over 14,000 drawings.
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