Cestac Florence


Cestac Florence was born July 18, 1949 in Pont-Audemer in Normandy.
After the Beaux-Arts in Rouen in 1968 she joined the School of Art Deco and joined Bonbel, cell Rouen artists which includes Stephen Robial.
They open in 1972 Futuropolis (first specialized library of comics in Paris) and founded shortly after the editions of the same name. During these years she developed her favorite character, Harry Mickson, sort of bantering rat-nose, no ears and wearing a beret. The illegitimate offspring of Mickey Mouse, who walk in (A Track), Heavy Metal and Charlie, was promoted mascot Futuropolis and BD Mickson Football Club.
She received in 1989, the Alph'art of humor Angoulême for Old Buddies full of glitches, and creates the adventures of Gerard Cretin in Mikado. In the Journal de Mickey, it transforms the topic of games Déblok in comics.
She published in 1996 by Dargaud Demon noon, hilarious post-marital tragedy where we see a forty leave his wife for an old cooler. With this masterpiece of humor and candor cow, she scored a second Alph'art humor in Angoulême. Michele Bernier with Marie Pascale Osterrieth fit with the talent to The Splendid theater since September 1998, it is a success. Meanwhile, it floods the press (Playboy, Cosmopolitan, L'Hebdo juniors, etc.). Its irresistible "big nose". In 1997, she retrieves the family Déblok Dargaud.
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