Miles Hyman / Fromental • Album "The Prague Coup"

«Miles Hyman / Fromental • Album "The Prague Coup"»

Edition : Dupuis
Illustrateur : Miles Hyman
Description : Comic
112 pages
Size 23 x 31 cm
Open Air Collection

Winter 1948, in the blizzard of the Austrian capital under four-power occupation. Sent by the London Films studio, G. is working on writing his next feature, assisted by the enigmatic Elizabeth Montagu. Elizabeth, whose military past and relations attach her to the British secret services, will quickly discover that the artistic pretext hides real political tensions and that the aftermath of war is not always melodious. This seemingly peaceful mission will therefore fall into the sly atmosphere of a dazzling revolution that history will remember as the "Prague coup". The illustrator Miles Hyman, who collaborates with many publishers and magazines, such as Liberation, is also recognized for his graphic novels ("Le Dahlia noir", "La loterie"...). For his first collaboration with the screenwriter Jean-Luc Fromental, he signs a hybrid work that plays with History, plunging into the unexplored recesses of the post-war and the romantic, intertwining the possible in a story with multiple drawers. , like a treasure hunt admirably conducted.