Scenarist and designer, François Schuiten was born April 26, 1956 in Bruxelles. Issu of a family of architects, he turned quickly towards comics. During a workshop of comics from the Institute St Luc in Brussels, he met Claude Renard, with whom he produced two albums. It also works with him on three albums of the Ninth Collective Dream.
By 1978, with his brother Luke, screenwriter, he developed over the years the cycle of "Hollow Land" whose three albums have appeared by The Humanoïdes Associés.
Since 1981, he worked with Benoît Peeters in the series "The Obscure Cities" publishing successively
The Walls of Samaris, Urbicande The Fever, The Archivist, The Tower, The Road to Armilia, Museum A. Desombres, Brüsel Cities and Echo (Casterman).
These albums have been translated into most European languages ​​and have won numerous prizes.
François Schuiten also carries multiple parallel production (portfolio L'Express at Magic-Strip in 1981, a sculpture and serigraphs for the gallery Escale à Paris, ..) and exhibited his work many times.
He also contributed to the design of two films: Gwendoline Just Jaeekin Taxandria and Raoul Servais.
He worked from 1991 on a proposed film adaptation of the Obscure Cities.
He directed several stage sets and exhibitions and shows the decoration of two underground stations "Porte de Hal" in Brussels and "Arts et Métiers" in Paris. In the latter station, he pays homage to Jules Verne he has, moreover, to illustrate the unpublished novel "Paris in the Twentieth Century" published by Hachette.
Rightly regarded as one of the greatest contemporary artists, François Schuiten sets up its own universe all at once coherent and utopian and draws straight illustrators and architects of the early century.
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