Zep • Series of 9 prints signed- 50 copies

57x57cm signées 4 500,00€

«Zep • Series of 9 prints signed- 50 copies»

Description : Exclusive collector's edition
This series of prints has a particularly original story.
It was during a stay in Japan that Zep discovered the "Carpe Diem" residence, a Guest House which is both a place of reception and international exchanges but also a cultural and exhibition center. This traditional Japanese residence, adjoining its splendid garden, pleased Zep so much that he decided to extend his stay and create a series of drawings in the spirit of very fine engraving, to then edit them in collaboration with Frank Riva, French of origin and director of the place.
Printed on handmade Japanese paper, watermarked with the name of Zep, they are offered in a set comprising 9 different images, all bearing the same number.
Limited edition of 50 copies, numbered and signed by the author