Pillar of the Dutch underground, Joost Swarte was born in 1947 in Heemstede. Inventor of the term "clear line", which he is the undisputed leader, he says he was initially influenced by Willem and Crumb. Student in "industrial design" in the late '60s, he turned to painting and began to publish in underground magazines.
In 1971 he founded the magazine Modern Paper abandons it to go to number 9 draw in Aunt Leny presentert.
In 1973 he founded Cocktail Comics for a number only. Some of these bands will be taken in France in Charlie.
In the late '70s, he designed for children's adventures "Cotton and Piston" and, with Willem, Ric and Claire.
In 1980 he published his first album in France "Modern Art".
He then dedicated himself to achieving portfolios, postcards, stamps, covers and record sleeves.
Winner of all kinds of awards, he participated in countless exhibitions worldwide.
The series "Cotton and Piston" reappears Casterman in 1995 with the first volume: A newspaper phenomenal ".


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